Friday, 6 March 2009

Who's paying for this?



This from

Birse Rail has won a contract from British Rail to keep an eye on closed branch lines, disused building and bridges.

The value of the contract is £275,000!

Words on Blacklists

Quite right too


On top of EMT's announcement yesterday that it is shedding 162 jobs come other strange rumours.

The latest of which is that the SWT and EMT press offices are being combined.

Is this good news for joined up communications or a disaster waiting to happen.

We'll probably never know as the new, improved, press desk is bound to be hopelessly understaffed!

UPDATE: This from a delighted Straitscoach employee...

You might also be interested to hear that Souter has taken to personally perusing all SWT driver workings.

The last time he took such a keen personal interest you may recollect SWT ended up short of drivers for about two years.

No matter - passengers are free to write to their MPs!

The good news is that Brian won't see those who contributed to his profits thrown on the scrapheap!

Those "displaced" are invited to apply for jobs elsewhere in the Stagecoach empire.

Managers, catering staff and booking clerks now have the unrivalled opportunity to tackle exciting new career challenges, such as errr... cleaning buses in Kettering.

Of course, were the DfT to sit down and re-organise figures and franchise payments in exchange for employment protection we might not be in this mess.

But with the Treasury having to pay all those bankers' pensions there just isn't the money...

Bare faced eagle

This from a Mr Murray...

So farewell Fraser Eagle.

Off into administration you go.

Serves them right, I guess, for sponsoring Accrington Stanley (famous as the second football club ever to resign from the league in mid season)!