Monday, 2 June 2008

UXB at Bromley by Bow

***17:17 - An unexploded Second World War bomb has resulted in the suspension of London Underground services through Bromley by Bow. Disruption could last for up to 48 hours***

***17:50 - Services now restored after ministrations from the Bomb Disposal Squad***

***18:45 - DB lawyers allegedly flying in from Germany to contest potential abatement claim from TfL against Loo Roll concession***

***20:45 - Is 2000lbs quite big then?***

***23:52 - Sources close to DfT say Ruth Kelly now believes she has found a cheap way to do Crossrail groundworks at Stratford***

Kettle meet pot

It's not often that Network Rail gets to have a go at the failings of others, so when it does it really goes to town.

Kerpow! Hidden Dragon's team pushed out a release on Friday headed NR seeking "urgent answers from TfL following Liverpool Street Bridge fiasco".

Thwok! COO Robin Gisby railed: "Passengers rightly want an explanation, as do I. Passengers deserve an apology for the disruption they suffered last night and this morning and I want assurances that such an incident can't and won't happen again."

The Fact Compiler doesn't believe in being churlish so therefore won't point out NR's exemplary record in delivering gold plated engineering fiascoes (Portsmouth, Christmas, Easter, etc...).

Splatt! Or indeed the fiasco this very morning when the brand new Mitcham Eastfields station failed to open on time.

Sadly Robin's own people don't seem to be listening to him, as there was no sign in the BBC piece of either an apology from NR or an undertaking to the people of Mitcham that it won't happen again tomorrow.

Load, shoot, aim!