Thursday, 1 January 2009

Fall-Behind Group

Things are not going well over at Go-Ahead franchise London Midland.

Serious train crew shortages are leading to daily cancellations - with up to a 100 services a day being caped.

So annoyed are passengers with LM management's piss-poor performance that they have started taking it out on staff, leading to a disturbing rise in assaults.

Even lacklustre DafT has started to make veiled threats about the franchise's future.

The situation is so bad that one regular contributor to an internet news group now signs off his posts with:

"London Midland does NOT have a staff morale problem.
Most of the staff have no morale - NO PROBLEM.

Greater reich

So farewell English, Welsh & Scottish.

From today you are known as DB Schenker.

Catchy - not.