Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A good civil servant, sex, trains and the Railway Gazette

Dear Occupants of Great Minster House.

This from Wales Online...

A civil servant in Whitehall was almost jailed in the 1970s for saving Aberystwyth’s train service and many others targeted for a wave of Beeching-style closures, it has been revealed.

That's the way to do it!

An incredible tale and unbelievably one that isn't dated the 1st April - read it!!

Good effort!!!

Pointless signs - Northern 158

This from Weiss Beer...

So, when Easter Sunday's 20.11 XC Leeds to Birmingham was caped on arrival due to lack of staff, and the 20.30 NR Leeds to Sheffield is then extended to Birmingham, just what do you put on the destination board?


Silver Stump Watch - Liverpool Lime Street

This from the Depot Master...

And these are after a rise of 30+ steps.

Silver Stump Watch - Glasgow Central

This from National Carp Parkes...

Attached are two photos for Silver Stump Watch. At neither location could a vehicle ram into the station. 

 In fact at one, a car would have to negotiate two flights of stairs!

Pointless signs - EMT Meridian

This from the Inglis Patient...

Spotted this above the luggage rack of an EMT Meridian.

Baggage Class?