Monday, 26 October 2009

Golden Whistle Awards launched

Modern Railways is to celebrate best railway operating practice with Golden Whistle Awards.

More details at the MR website.

About time too!

UPDATE: This, surprisingly enough, from the late Mr Churchward...

Is someone having a larf?

The GW Awards?

Involving a whistle!

"Sir, we do not blow whistles at people from Newbury."

On whose say so?

No, no, no, no, no!

EU representatives have said that if Mr Blair became President of the EU Council he would expect to travel in a cavalcade and all local traffic to be halted when he made a 'state visit' to member countries.

And when, pray, did we get a say in any of this?

Pointless signs - St Andrew's Road

Southern unveils... Captain Permatan

This exciting news from Southern...

The Marketing team have been working with a top advertising agency (sic), who are responsible for the ‘118’ and ‘Compare the Meerkat – Compare the Market’ television adverts.

Our campaign will feature a brand new Southern character ‘Captain Permatan’, a Mexican wrestler who is passionate about trains…
(is this right? Ed)

Perhaps Captain Permatan's first task should be to try and rescue doomed sister franchise London Midland?

WSMR doomed?

This from Railnews...

WSMR Managing director Andy Hamilton said:Considering the current revenue position of Wrexham & Shropshire and the pressure put on the business by the current economic climate, I can confirm that if the ATW 38th Supplemental Agreement is approved it is very likely that DB Regio UK will cease funding and it is likely that Wrexham & Shropshire will immediately withdraw from the market.'

Perhaps time to recall the wise words of Beardie himself, after Virgin waved the white flag and withdrew its own plans to serve stations along the WSMR route earlier this year:

In return, I think that the people of Shrewsbury should now receive firm assurances from DB and W&S that they will continue to run this service for years to come.

Perhaps just as well such assurances were never made...

UPDATE: This just in from Scotch Corner...

According to the Railnews story the person leading ATW's London service bid is one Mike Bagshaw.

Could this be the same Mike Bagshaw who was previously Commercial Director at Chiltern?

Strange but true!

2009 Railway Garden Competition - Malaysia

This just in from Paul Bigland....

I'm back in the UK now and thought you'd like these images for the international railways gardens.

They were taken in Malaysia on what is known as the 'jungle' railway.
The first shot is at Gemas.

The second much further up North near Kuala Perlis, where the chaps are indulging in a bit of jungle clearance with petrol powered strimmers.