Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Deutsche Gram - General Thauvette advances West

This from Berlin...

From 1 February 2010, Alain Thauvette, currently Director-General of Euro Cargo Rail in France, will become Head of Region West for DB Schenker Rail, based in Paris, and be responsible for the operating areas that include France, Spain and the UK.

He will also become President of Euro Cargo Rail in France and Chief Executive of DB Schenker Rail in the UK.

Eye is comforted to be in "Region West, operating area UK".

UPDATE: This, apparently, from a poste restante address in Brazil...

Liebe Fact Cr

Your sondermeldung regarding the successful drang nach western makes my old heart swell with pride.

But I am disappointed to see the use of the word Region in place of Gau.

Another example of political correctness gone mad.

Lookalike - the Praepostor edition