Sunday, 16 November 2008

Crossrail new chairman

So Terry Morgan will be the new chairman of Crossrail.

Morgan, currently boss of Tube Lines, will start work in November next year, according to a story filed by Dan Milmo last Thursday.

But what's this?

There is still no mention of this key non-executive appointment on the Crossrail website.

Perhaps unsurprising therefore, that none of the Sunday's could be bothered with the story either.

A multitude of sins

One of the delights of summer is the traditional Railway Garden.

Alas, with winter upon us Mother Nature is in retreat, revealing a multitude of sins previously obscured by the Railway Garden.

Above is the delightful vista that welcomed passengers awaiting trains from Crewe's platform 4 on Friday.

FT does TT

***An interesting piece on German Timetable planning***