Friday, 29 January 2010

FuCC goes on the offensive

After a bruising three months First Capital Connect has started going on the offensive.

According to The Herts Advertiser...

A spokesperson said: "Yesterday's performance on the Thameslink route saw 96.88 per cent of trains arriving on time which is our best performance on the route for some time. We still have a lot to do to sustain this and are doing everything we can to ensure consistency."

Of course to pretend that one solitary swallow makes a spring would be really offensive to hard pressed passengers still experiencing short formed trains...

UPDATE: This from
Hirundo rustica...

One can only concur.

What the hard pressed passenger needs is a whole fleet of swallows, preferably silver on a red, grey, white and black livery.

Patron Saint of Children on Eurostar debacle

This just in, somewhat surprisingly, from St Nicholas...

According to the policeman who took charge of one Eurostar in the absence of any initiative from the train staff - other than to call for police assistance - it was necessary to open the doors because young children were suffering because of the high temperature inside the Eurostar.

I had my work cut out that evening, I can tell you.

UPDATE: This, even more surprisingly, from St Christopher...

As Patron Saint of Travellers I should point out that St Nicholas was operating under my overall protection plan.

UPDATE: This just in from St Gregory of Nusia...

I just look after civil engineers.

Traction and rolling stock engineers appear not to have a patron saint which could explain a lot.

UPDATE: Astonishingly, this from the late Rudyard Kipling...

Could I suggest that St Martha takes over responsibility for railway engineers in general?

See my Poem "The sons of Martha and Mary".

UPDATE: This just in from Pope Benedict XVI...

I vill consider Herr Kipling's vequest and may grant ein plenary indulgence under ze usual conditions.

Right. Stop this now. It's all getting very silly. Ed

2010 Railway Garden Competition - Workington

This from the man on the Energy Coast...

May I enter Workington for the 2010 Railway Garden Competition?

The ISS, Northern's station maintenance contractors, have done a bit of "weeding" between the platform's paving slabs - using a strimmer, no weedkiller necessary.

Said weeds were then placed in the station's new Dalek-shaped compost bin (pictured below).

Pity they were told not bother about the bit beyond the railings, which has been left to become part of the West Cumbrian Rainforest.

The old disused shed yard south of the station is even worse than the platforms - the rails, which are still in-situ, have not been visible for some time due to the heavy vegetation and even the six-foot between the operational running lines is full of plant life.

Fears for the future of Bombardier's Derby works

What is happening at the UK's last train assembler (nee builder)?

The Eye has received a concerned missive from a reader calling himself Derby Insider which reads...

Since last summer there has been a team from Bombardier Berlin here on the Derby site investigating how the business is being run. They have been looking into margins on major contracts, late deliveries to customers and quality problems.

A couple of weeks ago the President of the site, Mark Wiliamson, left.

This week John Manning, the Engineering Director, also departed.

There are rumors that more of the management will go and we are all very worried about our jobs here.

Happily the announcement on who will build the new Thameslink fleet is due to take place on the 25th March.

No doubt April's pre-election
Pilgrimage of Grice will afford the Noble Lord a perfect opportunity to visit Litchurch Lane and congratulate the winners in person!

Unless of course a pressing prior engagement means he cannot spare the time...