Thursday, 31 December 2009

Signal shighting - East Midlands Parkway

This from a Mr Powell...

If there are a spate of SPADs around East Midlands Parkway in coming months, this may be why...

Note the important sign refers to the now non-existent TT415, when the real signal is ST4497!

Does Network Rail know and can't be bothered to sort it, or have they just not noticed yet?

I think we should be told!

Mystic Adonis anticipates High Speed Two report

Telegrammed by Le Flaneur
Do not trust him gentle maiden!

According to a DfT press release, embargoed for 01.00 Wednesday 30 December:

Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis has predicted 2010 will be the year of high-speed rail in the UK on the day he received what could prove to be a landmark report for the future of transport in this country.

High Speed Two - the company set up to advise the Government on the development of high-speed rail services between London and Scotland - delivers its highly-anticipated report today.

But what did I see whilst strolling along Victoria Street this very day, 31 December?

Outside No 55. the former home of the Strategic Rail Authority and now containing the offices of HS2L, but reports and engineering drawings galore, bearing the HS2 logo, being loaded into vehicle.

When asked where the load was going the driver replied 'Marsham Street, Guv'.

So why did the Noble Lord claim to have received the report a day early?

Presumably to avoid it being lost in the New Year's Eve news dead spot.

Railway Gongs

With a bowler tip to a Mr Murray...


Christopher BOLT
Arbiter, London Underground Public Private Partnership Agreements and lately Chairman, Office of Rail Regulation.
( Somerset )


Chairman, Chiltern Railway Company Ltd.
For services to the
Rail Industry.
(Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire)


Stuart Kemp BAKER
Deputy Director, National Projects, Rail and National Networks,
Department for Transport.
( York , North Yorkshire )

Michael Clifford HART
Director, Ffestinog Railway Company and Chairman, Welsh Highland Railway Construction Ltd. For services to the Rail Industry.
(Rotherham, South Yorkshire )

Heidi, Mrs MOTTRAM
Managing Director, Northern Rail.
services to the Rail Industry.
(Holmfirth, West Yorkshire )


John Alfred BIGNY
For services to Edenbridge and District Rail Travellers' Association
( Kent )

Manager, Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership.
For services to the Rail
Industry in the South West.
( Plymouth , Devon )

Peter Adrian ROBERTS
Chairman, Association of Community Rail Partnerships.
For services to
Rural Transport.
(Sleaford, Lincolnshire )

Eye offers its congratulations to all the above.

UPDATE: This from a Mr 1.609344 kilometers...

Stuart Baker!?!

Presumably for services to HLOS and the Bionic Duckweed industry I guess!

Surely it can't be for the thinking behind the IEP?