Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hammond Eggs - Woodhead dead

This from Stephen Hammond of DfT...

Written statement to Parliament: Woodhead tunnels

...In 2007 to 2008 ministers received many representations urging them to protect the Woodhead tunnels so that the Woodhead route could be re-opened to rail traffic in the future...

I am therefore announcing that the government will not be purchasing the tunnels from National Grid in order to instigate an inspection and maintenance regime and I shall be informing National Grid accordingly...

My decision does not rule the possibility of re-opening the Woodhead route to rail traffic in the future, should a new line ever be required...

So that's all right then!

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Today we mark the anniversary of a significant event in our history.

A day when some crazed ideologues, led by a deranged individual, entered the Houses of Parliament determined to do great damage to our nation.

Still, enough about John Major and the Railways Act.

Happy Bonfire Night