Sunday, 2 August 2009

2009 Railway Garden Competition #XXI

This just in from a Mr Powell...

I have an entry to the Railway Garden Competition...


The pictures show the old platform 8, no longer used, which has been left to succumb to weeds.

I apologise for the 144 which makes an appearance!

Nice (apart from the Pacer) and only months after Network Rail spent a fortune on titivating Lincoln and its approaches.

Public Members selection criteria revealed - Shocker

NR explains, in song, how new Public Members are to be inducted into their role...

With a bowler tip to Tom Harris.

2009 Railway Garden Competition #XX

This just in from a Dr Gloucester...

I thought you might enjoy these two shots taken at Salford Crescent yesterday.

The first shows luxuriant growth bursting through the security fence, adjacent to Windsor Link Relay Room, the roof of which can be made out on the left.

In the second view from the north end of the platform, a Rochdale-bound Pacer attempts to hide behind a nice collection of purple-flowered weeds.

On balance
Eye considers anything that hides a Pacer from the view of intending passengers a blessing in disguise.

Redwood talks sense - Shocker

The Tories apparent recent conversion to the benefits of High Speed Rail is of course to be welcomed.

But beware.

Many members of what looks to be the next party of government retain a deep antipathy towards the railways.

This from the Welsh national anthem mangling Vulcan...

We know that running train services is a very expensive way of travel for taxpayers to support, and we know that fourteen times as many journeys are made by car as by train. Rail has a small market share despite all the subsidy and encouragement.

And on it continues for several paragraphs showing that the railway still has a job to do to win over some of its more implacable opponents.

But what's this?

At the end of Redwood's pro-car rant is the kernel of a sensible suggestion!

One of the greenest policies we could pursue would be a big programme of increasing the number of bridges over railways to allow the easier passage of cars and buses around our towns and cities. It would also be safer if we replaced more of the level crossings with bridges or underpasses. It could also lead to more use of the train for the commuter and longer distance journies if more of us could get to the station and park easily. That would be a greener way to spend any money we have on railways, rather than on electrification.

Leaving aside Spocks' knee-jerk opposition to electrification there are good safety and operational reasons for supporting the removal of level crossings.

Especially if such a programme were funded out of the Highways Agency budget, whose customers - as Deadwood acknowledges - have most to gain.

Perhaps an idea that Network Rail and RSSB should explore further with our alien new best friend?

UPDATE: This from Mr Bridges...

Build the Bridges to make railways green?

Perhaps Mr Redwood should stand in Sheffield next election!

RMT rewards Bob with an 8% increase

Good news for Crow Bar Bob!

This from today's Sunday Times...

Bob Crow, the militant leader of the RMT rail union whose pay and benefits rose by 8% to £91,646 in 2008... said: “I don’t really know if my pay rise was inflation busting.

The Eye is unsure which will be a bigger surprise to RMT's hard pressed members.

The size of Bob's pay rise or his apparent ignorance of the inflation rate.

2009 Railway Garden Competition #XIX

This just in from Sussex Driver...

I know that railway gardens are close to your heart, so here in Sussex we've decided to go one step further and help maintain them.

Cue our very own railway garden shed at Horsham Branch Sidings!