Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Dawlish - wither the GW mainline?

Gosh, just gosh!

A question to all the clever engineers and climate scientists out there.

Is maintaining this route sustainable?

Or at least acceptable to the voters and business people of Devon and Cornwall, without the provision of an alternative reliable rail route to the rest of the country?

Meanwhile eyes are turning once again to the Withered Arm...

Twitter fans may wish to look at #reopentheLSW

UPDATE: This from a Western Man...

I can assure you we have no interest in visiting the rest of Britain.

And we are delighted that we now have our own, self contained, CornishRail.

We look forward to raising a glass from Kernow to you all on St Piran's day.

Currently on the Fact Compiler's sideboard...

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

If there's one left unopened on your sideboard by tomorrow morning, then frankly I'll be amazed! (Good point. But all in the name of research, obviously. Ed)

DeltaRail puts the boot in!

This from the Daily Mail...

Anna Matthews has sparked a ‘British jobs for British workers’ row between her firm DeltaRail and the rail infrastructure company on which it relies for 70 per cent of its business.

Matthews says three foreign consortia have been short-listed by Network Rail for a major multi-billion pound Traffic Management signalling contract in the UK.

Anna Matthews is infuriated Network Rail has allocated £70m to help the foreign contenders develop their bids

Yet she claims her own cutting-edge business, which has developed an advanced real-time computer-controlled train signalling system, has been shunted into the sidings and dropped from the bidding.


The ability to speak truth unto power is yet another reason why we need more Women in Rail!