Wednesday, 8 July 2009

NatEx,Cross Default and another broken promise?

This from Crow Bar Bob over at the RMT...

Both Andrew Adonis, and Geoff Hoon before him, made it quite clear to RMT that if National Express defaulted on the East Coast they would be stripped of the c2c and East Anglia franchises and that there would be no reward for failure. We are calling on the government to stand firm, to get this company off our tracks and to seize the opportunity to begin a long-term programme of renationalising the railways.

Perhaps My Lord Adonis and Geoff Hoon of that Ilk should have looked at the contracts a little more closely before making promises they can't keep.

It doesn't rain but it pours

This from the Independent...

Rail workers at a National Express train company are to be balloted for industrial action in a row over pay and working conditions, it was announced today.

Always good to remind the government why it handed over rail operations to the private sector in the first place.