Thursday, 22 December 2011

DfT issues revised timetable for announcements

This from Leo Pink...

Hot on the news that the Secretary of State has issued a five page missive telling DfT officials how to write letters perhaps Eye readers will be interested in the latest memo circulating in Marsham Street:

Forecasts and Statements (Semantics) Policy on Terminology Committee
Simplifcation Working Group

Terminology - In a fast changing world , flexibility is essential.

The use of seasons in setting policy delivery targets has become overly granular, introducing increased risk of target dates become excessively specific and vulnerable to events. This gives an unwanted and unwarranted impression that Government is not in control of policy.

All officials within the Department should ensure that with effect from 1 January 2012 all policy announcements adopt the new FSSPOT principles.

Events will now be specified as happening to the following time scales:
  • Later this year
  • By the end of the year*
  • Early next year
* Please note that this should not be used after 31 March and in any event requires Ministerial authorisation

For long term planning horizons the following may be used:
  • On or about about the same date that the first IEP is delivered

Sir Humphrey Gussett
Permanent Secretary Designate

Apparently this has been issued to counter
Informed Sources Third Law (Distrust all forecasts based on the seasons).