Sunday, 22 May 2011

Virgin in ageist slur on DBS fleet - Shocker

Someone at Virgin clearly has a sense of humour.

This Tyrell posting by Virgin on Friday...

So how would Virgin choose to describe the even older Mk3s they use on their Pretendolino?

UPDATE: This from a Mr Brooks...

60010 is also a ‘Streak’ (A4 Pacific built by Sir Nigel Gresley) which is presumably where the ‘heritage’ label presumably comes in.

However, as its currently residing in Canada, it might be a bit extreme to suggest that its being towed in a consist over here - unless President O'Bama has included it in his entourage of many vehicles?

Back to the future?

Much excitement amongst the Gricerati!

Word reaches Eye that Murray Brown may be polishing-up his editor's chair!

But which Class 1 publication will he oversee?

Mediaballs - On painting the Forth Bridge...

This from Our International Correspondent...

An interview with Network Rail's HR Director in the Recruiter magazine kicked off with a contrived reference to his role as being “like painting the Forth Bridge”.

Meanwhile, up some scaffolding a very long way from the HR Director’s big desk and even further from the offices of the Recruiter, in a remote place near South Queensferry called The Real World, work is concluding on a £180 million (gulp!) project to paint the iconic structure in clever stuff that will last 40 years, thus no painting of the bridge between 2012 and 2052.

The Recruiter, fingers on the pulse of business? We can but hope.

UPDATE: This from Nick...

I presume this was a clever and up to the minute reference to McNulty's concerns over the feast-then-famine nature of maintenance, err sorry investment, in British Rail, err sorry the National Rail network !