Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Park and robbed

The Fact Compiler's brother, The Timetable Compiler, has been in touch.

Reuben, for it is he, writes:

"It's not just fares that are going up by inflation busting amounts!

"Yesterday car parking charges at Peterborough station went up by a whopping 20%.

"Which means an annual car park permit has gone up by £216 from £1,080 to £1,296!"

Thank goodness car park charges aren't regulated.

When you're doomed every penny counts!

Dining out?

A Happy New Year to National Express East Coast passengers as the company slashes the number of restaurant car services.

This from the Yorkshire Post:

"Just two morning southbound trains and a handful of evening services from London will continue to host restaurant cars. Otherwise first-class ticket holders will be able to buy fish pie or crayfish and chorizo risotto to eat at their seats."

This, of course, despite promises from Richard Bowker that traditional railway dining would be safe in his hands.

No matter.

If you're broke you've got to reduce costs and maximise revenue!

The Fact Compiler suspects the fury over the reduction in restaurant cars will be as nothing compared to that when NXEC starts charging for seat reservations!

Limited and questionable?

The first foot in mouth award for 2009 goes to the LibDems.

Railway Eye readers may recollect that former rail minister Tom Harris was on record as having monthly meetings with 'amateur railway enthusiasts'.

Unfortunately LibDem Transport spokesman Norman Baker MP has taken to insulting them.

This from yesterday's Daily Mail:

"Trainspotting may be an activity of limited, and indeed questionable, appeal, but it is not a criminal offence and it is not a terrorist threat."

Looks like the LibDems have lost the industry vote.