Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Breaking wind

Congratulation to M&C Saatchi for hoovering large sums of cash out of EMT for this:

Any readers able to make similar under-arm farting noises are also invited to pitch for the account.

Definitely a Marmite moment...

Hooray Henry mugs Souter

Shocking news from Waterloo.

Pictured below is the moment when a Brompton riding Rupert attempted to pick the pocket of multi-millionaire SWT boss Brian Souter!

Fortunately, the SWT PR team had issued Brian with a brand new, dayglo, carrier-bag just moments before!

Ford declares war!

Not seen today...

Branson, Bowker, Coucher, Lockhead, Ludeman, Shooter, Souter, et al; fancy putting a couple of quid in the pot to make this real?

Death by suit

Exciting news from men in suits!

Today the new, improved, Tory party unveiled its future plans for the railways.

Zzzzzzzz... Snore...

Ahem, sorry, Tory big ideas, yawn...
  • A high speed line linking London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.
  • Creating a passenger champion.
  • A reformed Network Rail.
  • Better cooperation between track and train.
  • Longer better franchises.
  • Innovation in Rail Improvements.
  • Ending Whitehall meddling.
  • A moratorium on building on disused rail paths.
Ah, forget the details, view pretty pictures here.

Bring back Chris Grayling.

Brian Perren RIP

Telegrammed by Captain Deltic
It is with great sadness that we report the death of writer and author Brian Perren at the age of 80, following a short period in hospital.

Known fondly as the 'Gourmet Gricer' to his many friends Brian was a long term contributor to Modern Railways and his books included the invaluable TGV Handbook.

Brian had an infectious enthusiasm for life and the railways, and his presence enlivened many a worthy press trip.

Yet his irrepressible sense of fun concealed a professionalism in his research and a respect within the industry that was reflected in his writing.

In the issue of Modern Railways published before his death two articles by Brian typify his work - what is now, sadly, the last 'Service Aboard' column on the changing face of train catering and a definitive feature on TGV Duplex.

Brian's first published article appeared in the July 1954 issue of Trains Illustrated, the fore runner of Modern Railways.

Brian was in the process of completing a major article on Eurostar at the time he entered hospital.

Requiescat in pace et in amore