Monday, 22 October 2012

Railway Garden Competition - Birmingham New St

This from JT19...

Good to see that despite the modernisation works at Birmingham New Street these heritage railway gardens look set to remain.

Thinly capitalised equity profiteers fight back!

This from a Mr Prester John... 

Bring back British Rail?

 Je don't think so!

UPDATE: This from Our International Correspondent...

Are you sure the top one is a genuine BR advert? 
The strange proclivities of the bloke in the bottom right hand corner is not the only thing that is the wrong way round - the double arrow is also.
I do not recall Central Advertising Services taking the then National Treasure on a Sealink ferry.

Railway Garden Competition - Worlaby

This from a Mr Verdant...

Never have I seen such a perfect lawn except, possibly, at Wimbledon.