Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A picture of competence...

This from Payroll No 1144...

I note with interest that the Soi Disant Veteran Observer has posted a new photo of himself on linked-in today.

Unfortunately in this one he now seems to be lacking the sage advice of the dog!

As this is at least the second, if not third picture, of the Soi Disant with the same Minister perhaps he is hoping to create some sort of record?

Either way, rather than running vanity pics on Social Media sites perhaps he should update his own website, which still features a twice failed Mayoral candidate and a now very dead chair of the TSC.

Perhaps he has lost the password?

UPDATE: This from the Soi Disant Veteran Observer himself...


This is really beginning to p**s me off!

Stop referring to me as the "soi disant veteran observer"!

Mr Fact Contorter - it isn't actually very amusing anymore and I don't know anyone who finds this funny. (We do. Ed).

And by the way there is nothing wrong with my website, it is merely on 'deferred maintenance' and will soon by relaunched with even better...  (sadly, owing to pressure of space, Eye is unable to publish the rest of this email from the soi disant 'veteran observer'. Ed).

Railway Garden Competition - Tunbridge Wells

This from Cardinal Allen...

Is Kent Route trialing an Eco-wall?

A message to Odgers from the Railway

Dear Odgers

Thank you for all your calls today asking us to help Network Rail find a successor to Graham Eccles.

Yes, he or she should be an 'operator'.

And no, recent experience in a front line operating role is not essential but is certainly desirable.

However, we wonder why NR has asked you to call us? 

As they work alongside us and know us all much, much better than you do, surely NR's own people could have made exactly the same calls for a fraction of the cost?

Still in the Age of Austerity every penny counts.

Love, The Railway.

Silver Fox to TXM Group!

Eye understands that the Silver Fox is abandoning Network Rail!

Graham Eccles, for it is he, has apparently decided to take up the role of chairman at the TXM Group.

He will step down from the NR board in July.


UPDATE: This from the Silver Fox himself...

Nothing odd about my moving on.  I'm getting on a bit and the time commitment at Network Rail, especially since becoming Chair of Remuneration Committee, is just more than I want to put in and there are other things I'd like to do with my life. TXM is something new for me and much more suited to an elderly gentleman.

Earlier this year David Wilson (ex Siemens) and I, along with another friend, bought a vineyard in the High Beaujolais.  I'd like to start spending more time there which I can't do with the time commitment at Network Rail.  David is an ideal partner, if he can flog £1.4 billion worth of trains to a Yorkshireman, he can certainly flog a few bottles of wine to our Gallic cousins.

Writing to you allows me to shamelessly plug the vineyard (see www.vatre.com), but it would also be nice to see old railway chums call in if they are out that way.

Regards G