Monday, 7 December 2009

Lookalike: The Big O...

Steve Bell tells it like it is...

This from the Grauniad...

'Nuff said... (with a bowler tip to Dan)

Southern abolishes 'Boxing Day' bank holiday - Official

This just in from Sussex Driver...

Southern are being a bit naughty and refusing to recognise the 28th Dec as a Bank Holiday and so the brothers aren't best pleased.

Cue a ballot for industrial action... and the results from ASLEF (633 Votes Cast)...

Yes 94.8%
No 5.2%

Big Bob is also balloting his members over the same issue.

Happy Christmas!

Perhaps cost conscious Capt Permatan is merely being careful, having just splashed out on a brand new Aston Martin and all?

Cheeky Merseyrail slips one in!

This from Rudi over at Merseyrail...

Our walk-on fares aren't quite the same level as those for "Newquay to Kyle of Lochalsh" but then your whole family can travel with us for a Fiver!

During December up to two adults and three children can travel anywhere on Merseyrail's Northern or Wirral lines for only £5 on any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after 15:00hrs.

This great offer will be valid until 30th December 2009. For more details, ring our customer relations team on 0151 702 2071 or ask a member of staff.

And there is free parking at our stations too...

If you're travelling to Merseyside over the Christmas period why not take up Rudi's seasonal suggestion.

Not only is the train fast, cheap and easy, it's also less likely to be jacked up on bricks when you want to go home.

Arriva brings together staff and passengers

Exciting news from Arriva Cross Country

Judging by traincrew announcements aboard an XC service to Edinburgh this morning the introduction of new catering rosters has not gone well.

Parched and starving passengers certainly shared this view.

DfT cancels talk on how to order new trains

Telegrammed by the Archer
Sad news from the Derby Railway Engineering Society.

A planned lecture on how to order new trains was threatened with cancellation when the booked DfT speaker unexpectedly withdrew.

Eye cannot imagine why.

However, good news.

Apparently some chap called Wormsley (subs - please chk spelling) from an outfit called Portaloo (ditto) has manfully stepped into the breach.

What a shame that DRES members will now have to listen to someone from an organisation with no experience of succesfully introducing new trains (shurley shome mishtake. Ed)

UPDATE: This from our man at 222 Marylebone Road...

I understand that this chap Malmsey works for a ROSCO, so he must be well placed to lecture on DfT Rail's procedures for not ordering trains while spending massive sums of money on consultants.

No doubt balance will be maintained by your friendly local rolling stock consultancy, which is receiving squillions for helping with the late running Thameslink trains procurement and will no doubt be there in force to defend its client?

UPDATE: This from a Mr Walmsley...

I think you maybe referring to a talk on DfT procurement that was due to take place in Derby tomorrow.

Unfortunately the advertised speaker has been called away on family business (so no jokes there).

The funny bit is who is standing in – me!

I will be talking about new DMUs but I can’t really imagine not referring to the previous subject just a tiny little bit...

Ian's talk on
'New DMUs – Class 172 Turbostars & Parry People Movers' will take place at 19:00 tomorrow (8th December) at the Derby Conference Centre, London Road, Derby.

Germans resolve National Train shortage

Whilst our beloved Department for Transport vacillates over new rolling stock orders, our Teutonic friends have solved the problem.

This from the Police Oracle...

The six-seater train - made out of garden furniture and salvaged train parts - was powered by an electric motor and even had its own refreshments car in the shape of a crate of beer.

Vorsprung durch technik as they used to say.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Fergy-Lee...

Here at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, we have been providing innovative transport solutions for over half a decade! Please see attached.

‘Muriel 2’ was our first piece of motive power and still exists somewhere in our extensive fleet. It is a 1-A petrol electric and is capable of several miles per hour.

Frankly, anything above a crawl and you feel very close to God…