Saturday, 7 March 2009

DafT number krunching

Telegrammed by J Alfred Prufrock
Exciting news for the Competition Commission.

So DMUs 'r' Us are going to buy the 202 DMU vehicles and lease them onto the TOCs.

So when DafT sets the rentals the true scale of the rip-offs perpetrated the evil and rapacious Roscos will finally be exposed!

Simply subtract the monthly rental per vehicle charged by DMUs 'r' Us from that being charged by Porterbrook on its Class 172s.

Of course they will have to be be financially viable rentals because DafT intends to sell the contracts and leases on once the deal is in place.

And the money the taxpayer receives will be a function of the NPV of the rentals expressed as a return on the cost of DMUs 'r' Us.

Adjusted, naturally, for the Residual Value Risk on a number of DMUs with a book life of 30 years.