Sunday, 29 March 2009

...or we'll shoot your dog

Good news for Guide Dogs, the visually impaired, the RSPCA, PETA and the like.

The Battle of the Barriers continues and latest into the fray are concerned dog owners.

This from an irate caninophile...

"One practical problem with barriers is the risk to Mans Best Friend - judging by what nearly happened to us at Leeds last month!

"The barrier design has the barriers shooting out from either side as opposed to the older type which fold back when you go through, then return shut.

"If your dog is on a lead in front, or behind you, it risks getting guillotined, Indiana Jones style, as soon as the machine reads a person has passed through the gates.

"The bigger the dog, the bigger the danger of injury.

"Ours is a small dog so he was more shocked than injured, but it caused one hell of a commotion and considerable upset to all involved!"

Does DPTAC have a view on the Battle of the Barriers?