Thursday, 9 October 2008

Captain Birdseye?

Paul Thomas is appointed Chairman of RSSB

Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) today announced the appointment of Paul Thomas CB as its Chairman.

Mr Thomas has spent time in both the Royal Navy and the civil nuclear industry.

Self mutilation

Telegrammed by our International Correspondent
Brian Souter has told London's leading evening newspaper that leisure travel is down due to the credit crisis.

But what's this?

No mention that leisure fares have been all but been abolished by greedy SWT.

Perhaps the perfectly formed, carrier-bag wielding, Clause 28 fan is hoping the Treasury will bail out his franchises on the same, over-generous, terms offered to the bankers?


Geoff Hoon today approved plans to expand Stansted Airport in Essex.

Planning permission for the expansion was originally refused by Uttlesford Council in November 2006 on grounds of noise and environmental concerns.

Of course, former defence secretary, Gende Homo is renowned for his bravery.

Therefore, Railway Eye readers will be unsurprised that he choose to sneak the announcement out via a Written answer, rather than delivering it on the floor of the House.

Looks like Labour is now resigned to loosing all their seats south of the line from the Wash to the Severn.

Diamond geyser?

***BBC reporting a chill wind blowing over BoJo's transport budget as TfL takes a £40m Icelandic bath***

Granny hater

The Treasury's plan to shore up the banks appears to have received a cautious thumbs up from the City.

But what's this?

A brooding presence at Tuesday's late night discussions with panicky bankers was one Baroness Vadera.

According to The Times, Vadera "serves as Gordon Brown's eyes and ears".

According to Railway Eye Vadera served up the disastrous LU PPP and hates "grannies".

Memo to Bankers - Those who sup with the devil should use a long spoon.