Monday, 21 November 2011

NR Champion Stakes - And they're off!

A week after NR started advertising for a new Chairman the first candidate has had his hat thrown into the ring!

This from yesterday's Independent on Sunday...

Keith Ludeman, the former boss of train and bus operator Go-Ahead, has emerged as an early contender for the chairman role at Network Rail...

Mr Ludeman has emerged as a leading internal candidate, having become a non-executive director at Network Rail after retiring from Go-Ahead in July. An internal appointment would follow recent form – Sir David Higgins having been plucked from the non-executive board to become chief executive in February.

But what's this?

Just two month's ago NR's current Chairman, Rick Haythornthwaite, said:

"We know that many of the public view the leadership of the industry with confusion, suspicion or disdain. They don't trust us and therefore are resistant to changes we want to make."

Good to see that this small perceptual obstacle has been so quickly overcome.

So what was question 23?

Virgin has been busy surveying passengers on the West Coast Main Line.

But what was the redacted question?

Answers on an email please to the usual address...

UPDATE: This from the Archer...

Given that Q22 above is in relation to Value for Money, might I suggest that Q23 started:

If you scored 4 or above for Q22...

Q23 was then removed from the latest version of the survey given that no-one in the history of the franchise had ever been able to honestly answer it.

Pointless signs - 2-for-1 at Edinburgh