Thursday, 26 April 2012

Historic signs - The Ghost of Clarity Past

A reader writes to say...

Dear Fact Compiler

As a devoted reader of your... (Get on with it! Ed).

Perhaps Eye should have an 'Historic Signs' section to compliment Pointless signs.

Obviously the pictures must originate from the railway of today, but the 'useful' information they contain must spring from our past.

Perhaps I could start with this York offering.

And here the useful, but dated, information.

Eye is won over. Make it so!

UPDATE: This from an Eye reader in Upside Down Land...

Not only dated but wrong!

Surely the LNER became part of British Railways in 1948 and only much later part of British Rail. 

Nice sign though and amazing that passengers couldn’t work out that it was dated info without a helpful sign. 

Why rail travel beats the rest!

This from the Railway Public Relations Office...

Reasons to be cheerful! 

Spring evening rainbow above field of newborn lambs. 

Through Pendolino carrage window, near Tring tonight.

It's better by train!

HS2 un-news from DfT - Offical

This from the Department for Transport...

Alison Munro re-appointed as Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd

Alison Munro has been re-appointed as the Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd, the independent company set up by the Government to deliver a high speed rail network between London and the North of England.


Pointless signs - York cone shrine

This from @TonyVeitch...

One of my favourite signs. 

 I revisit this little shrine to signdom every so often.

Exciting new logo for Class 70 fleet

Pointless signs - High Wycombe

This from CU...

A rather fetching retro look to High Wycombe last night, attracting many admiring looks from commuters.

Sadly 40 years too late.