Thursday, 24 November 2011

Greening fights for hard pressed passengers!

This from the Indie...

Ms Greening is suggesting that fares should go up by about 6 per cent – 1 per cent above inflation – in a move to reduce the impact on hard-pressed commuters and long-distance travellers.

Good effort!

UPDATE: This from Ithuriel...

How disappointing to see the Fact Compiler in 'God Bless yer Guv, you're a real toff' pitiful gratitude mode over Mrs Greening's alleged intervention on fares increases.

If the user doesn't pay more for their grossly uneconomic train-ride to work, then the tax-payer will have to make up the difference since the railway fat cats seem unable to curb their inflated costs.

UPDATE: This from Prof Calculus...

Please someone tell me this is a joke!

T12 is already long gone and it will prove virtually impossible to deflate the millions of fares already in the system for January.

This looks like half-baked policy on the hoof. Madness.