Monday, 24 September 2012

Lessons in deckchair rearrangement

Good news for fans of Management wibble.

The Fact Compiler has received an invite to the following exciting event from the University of Wolverhampton Business School...

Presumably one in a series including: 'How to exit the railway industry' and 'Losing with Good Grace - A Masterclass'.

Pointless signs - FGW Turbostar

This from a Mr A Spanner...

A passenger information display on a FGW turbo-thingy going from Redhill to Reading on Monday. 

Instead of the calling pattern it was displaying a load of numbers.

Perhaps this gives a clue to the amount FGW is receiving in Cap'n'Collar payments?

Railway Garden Competition - Fenchurch St

This from D1039...

One of several charming specimens adorning the viaducts at Savage Gardens, Fenchurch St.