Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Railway Garden Competition - Bishop's Stortford

Exclusive - IEP on test!

Exclusive Eye video of Mr Kipling's genius bi-mode project on test at Birkhill...

That is all.

ATOC announces record Tractor Production stats

The Supreme Committee of the Amalgamated Train Operating Collective has announced the following:
  • Train companies are providing 574,071 extra seats today, operating over 4.2 million seats in total.
All citizens are to immediately join with their co-workers in celebrating this monumental achievement by the people's railway!

And in other news, grain production is up 25%.  

Railway Garden Competition - Altrincham

This from a Dr Jekyll...

Photographed past week at Altrincham Station. despite these being the Metrolink platforms they are owned and maintained by Network Rail. 

Perhaps the yellow trams known locally as bananas are trying reproduce in the undergrowth!

Railway Garden Competition - Ravenglass

Railway Garden Competition - Dean Forest Railway

Pointless Signs 2012 - Games Edition

So farewell Digital Boris!

TfL have pulled the automated messages featuring the Mayor which have encouraged Britons to abandon their Capital in droves.

No matter.

Meanwhile perhaps the Pink Police can now deal with the following:
  • At Waterloo enormous signs tell you to walk to Charing Cross station to get the train to Blackheath. Has no one heard of Waterloo East?
  • The authorised route from Waterloo to the Olympic Park seems to be to walk to Embankment and then take the District line to West Ham and walk again. Has no one heard of the Jubilee Line? Are they really expecting families with small children to take such a lengthy and tough route?
  • At St. Pancras International the signs for the Javelin trains point towards the Eurostar arrivals area from both directions – yes they really do! Obviously the staff are totally peed off with people complaining about the mis-direction as some of the arrows have now been covered over with bits of pink paper!
  • At KXSP underground concourse (the one by the entrance to the Met and Circle lines) there is a big sign pointing onto the underground for the Olympic Park! The posters correctly tell you to use the Javelin service.
Come on guys. There is still time to fix this.