Wednesday, 15 February 2012

ORR in 'tell them nothing' shocker

This from Our Man at 222 Marylebone Road...

It is of course quite understandable that the ORR's new publication 'GB rail industry financial information 2010-11' doesn't provide figures for individual TOCs on grounds of commercial sensitivity.


hotoshopping out the painted numbers of the DMU on the publication's cover is perhaps going a little bit far?

Network Rail calls time on Quagmire commute

This from Billy Connections...

I note that Railnews is reporting the following:

A REQUIREMENT that Network Rail staff must not live more than a certain distance from the company's new HQ in Milton Keynes has angered the white collar rail union TSSA, which is accusing the company of acting 'illegally'.


It's all very well Network Rail mandating a maximum of 75 minutes commuting time for employees at the new Milton Keynes headquarters, but has management thought through the details of the rule.

For a start does it apply to home-front-door to office-front-door? Is it station to station, is it wheels rolling to wheels stationary?

Is it based on the Working Timetable or the GB Public Timetable? The WTT, produced by NR's timetablers has shorter journey times than the GBPTT which includes allowances determined by the TOCs.

Will the timetablers at MK suddenly become very popular when a minute cut from a schedule means that you can continue to live in your agreeable six bedroom detached house rather than a three bed semi in MK's concrete city?

Will the civil engineers suddenly become everyone's best mates, when lifting a PSR that has the same effect?

Will the HR department face claims for constructive dismissal backed by Timetabling Consultancies?

And, finally, who is to head up the new, 20 strong, Commuting Range Analsysis Group?