Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Evergreen 3 - Berlin is in charge!

This from Globetrotter...

In your story of yesterday about the Evergreen 3 engineering works overrun, you end:

Let's see who fesses up?

The wait is over: Von Shooter speaks!

This arrived by flying Tweet:

And here is the link to Von Shooter's apology.

Eye wonders if Berlin insisted on this public display of contrition?

Just try reading the last line of Von Shooter's mea culpa in a cod German accent and say it ain't so...

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

The last line of Adrian's apology says:

"Once again I am very sorry for the significant disruption to your day yesterday. We will do better."

Does this mean that in future Chiltern will aim for complete disruption of their passengers' day?

NR's new Public Members training programme

Sharp eyed readers of the Sunday press will have seen that Network Rail is advertising for Public Members.

In the past the likes of Captain Deltic have fallen foul of NR's demands that Public Members must be "people with a strong belief in accountability and a thorough understanding of, and commitment to, good corporate governance" (Shurely 'willing to rubber stamp board decisions'? Ed).

No matter. The past is behind us.

With Huggable Higgins at the helm things are changing for the better!

Apparently NR is even involving train operators in training new Public Members so they better understand customer needs.

This exclusive top secret photo from Northern shows one such joint NR/TOC joint training session for Public Members in action...

Although Eye is not entirely convinced that waving empty bonus envelopes at NR Directors will necessarily drive the right behaviours...

UPDATE: This from a Mr Saltaire...

Actually, this is the link aspiring Public Members need.

On the form, it asks where one heard about the opportunity.

Whilst The Hindustan Times is amongst the list of options, sadly, Railway Eye is not.

Such is the influence of new media.

Annoying man being rude at King's Cross

Eye is alerted to a televisual feast by the Internet Rapid Rebuttal Unit...

It's not just King's Cross that is getting a makeover!

Gok's Clothes Roadshow will see three ladies from the Kings Cross Redevelopment Programme, Lisa (39), Karen (45) and Jenny (40) get a makeover (whatever that may be? Ed)

Brix Smith-Start hopes to prove designer fashion is best by drafting in a show-stopping Best of British floor-length gown by top designer Matthew Williamson (who writes this guff? Ed).

For those who care (Sid and Doris Bonkers) there will be the opportunity to see an annoying man being rude to his betters on the Devil's Lantern this very evening (20:00 on Channel 4).

Meanwhile, The Fact Compiler can't help but feel that NR could have added to the general gaiety of the nation by plugging Gok directly into the OHLE...

UPDATE: This from the Safety Elf...

I presume that the shining radiance of his presence and his hard headed persona render it unnecessary to don a bright orange coat with reflective stripes and a PPE lid?