Saturday, 16 August 2008

Tomorrow's railway

Ceri Evans, Communications Director of the late, and strangely much lamented SRA, was better known to the industry as Chemical Ceri.

A shame really.

Alongside Ceri's tenacious loyalty was a genuine vision about how to deliver the passengers of tomorrow.

Which annoyed Number 10.

As the PM's transport wonk made clear at an industry lunch:
"It is not the job of the SRA to promote the railways!"

And thus the SRA was abolished.

Back to today.

The Fact Compiler has revisited one of Chemical's visions.

It was for a 'Classroom on rails' - using rail as both the 'message' and the 'medium'; and for which budgets and plans were laid

In short - the SRA was to create a classroom on rails for Key Stage 2 Children and visits towns and cities across the nation offering lessons aboard.

"Children are taught, as part of the National Curriculum, about how the future of the railway is every bit as integral to national life as it was in the past... (and)... how the railway continues to transform and enrich our nation."

Alas the SRA was abolished before this wonderful scheme could be delivered.

Who has the vision in today's railway to win tomorrow's customer?

Perhaps Iain Coucher of Team Railway fame?

Perhaps not.