Monday, 23 November 2009

Freightliner to name the Ugly sisters

***Driver Potter has the full list of names to be applied to Freightliner Cl70s***

UPDATE: This from TonyVeitchUK via Twitter...

Tell Potter Debbie Harry doesn't qualify... American interloper... oh, I get it.

Number crunching - What £10bn buys you

This from The Vice Marshall...

I have just travelled from Crewe to Euston, arriving 12 minutes late on a non-tilting Pendolino, running at conventional speeds through all the curves, but which was able to go up to 125 mph where permitted.

The train originated at Manchester Piccadilly (departing on time according to NRES) and called at Stockport, Wilmslow and Crewe.

Its overall journey time, with these three stops, was therefore 2hr 21min.

Twenty years ago there was a Manchester Pullman routed via Crewe, with stops at Stockport, Wilmslow and Crewe.

The train comprised load 13 (450 tons) and was hauled by a class 87 or 90 loco, maximum speed 110 mph.

The PSRs on the curves were much the same as today’s, but the permitted speed over ‘the brine, between Wilmslow and Crewe, was lower then than it is today, and all trains were limited to 80 mph through Rugby (cf 125 mph today).

Despite its heavier weight, lower traction power and lower PSRs, I recall that the Pullman via Crewe was timed to complete the journey in 2hr 23min!

Just two minutes more than that achieved today by a nine-car non-tilting Pendolino with a top speed on the straight and level of 125mph.

Plus ça change.

And all at a cost of West Coast Route Modernisation of just under £10 billion*!

*equivalent to 99,800 return journeys between Newquay and Kyle of Lochalsh with Arriva Cross Country. Ed

RMT has got news for you!

This will be a real treat!

According to the Evening Standard...

The general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union will be a guest panellist on the popular BBC programme (HIGNFY) this Friday.

Canny Bob's no fool.

His appearance on the show will take place when most of his regular sparring partners will be attending the industry's annual do in support of charity the Railway Children!

iPlayer will take a hammering on Saturday.

FuCC service shambles overlooked?

This just in from Bacon Butty...

Is the Fact Compiler now in the pay of First Group?

Only we saw a lot of interesting snippets about NXEC but at least they ran a full service until their final hour (100% PPM on the last day, Ed).

FCC "Thameslink" on the other hand have been half a timetable short of a full service for well over a week now (since Thurs 12th), blaming lack of Drivers.

DafT has also been very quiet about the shambles.

The Fact Compiler can only apologise for his lack of invective about FuCC.

Truth be told he had been somewhat busy re-reading Sir Moir's lovely book:

Perhaps Dr Mike Mitchell, Director of National Networks at the DfT and a former First Group Business Development Director, has been similarly engaged?

UPDATE: This from Billy Connections...

I think you're being a little unfair on Dr Mike.

It is well known that he takes a close personal interest in the performance of First franchises.

Why only a week or so ago he was overheard using the first person plural when referring to First Great Western.

Obviously old habits die hard.