Saturday, 13 March 2010

Rentokil talking bollocks - Official

Anyone remember that crap from Rentokil about cockroaches on trains?

Well Ben Goldacre has fisked the story.

As a consequence Rentokil snuck out the following half arsed apology last night:

All of which means that, in our experience, it is very rare to find heavily infested buses, trains or other forms of transport in the UK. Standards will vary around the world but UK standards are very high...

We’re really sorry that the numbers that appeared in the media were wrong and misleading and we’ve put in place a number of measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


UPDATE: This from Peezedtee...

So, I've left a message on the Rentokil blog, expressing my confidence that Rentokil will now be paying large compensation to train and bus companies for telling complete lies that will have damaged their businesses.

My comment is "awaiting moderation".

UPDATE: From Peezedtee on Sunday evening...

The Rentokil blog has now published my comment, along with 48 others, every single one extremely critical of their policy of putting our barefaced fibs.

This seems to have turned into a major PR disaster for Rentokil.

O'Toole to Tube Lines?

This from the Pink 'Un...

Tim O'Toole has held preliminary discussions with Tube Lines about the possibility of becoming its chief executive.