Monday, 23 April 2012

RMT threatens BoJo with legal action

This from the RMT...

"RMT can confirm that we have today commenced a High Court action for defamation on Boris Johnson over his Not Ken Again poster campaign which falsely portrays our General Secretary Bob Crow as being part of a culture of political immorality and as having caused serious harm to the interests of people in London.

"RMT will be making no further comment and will be giving no interviews on this matter as it proceeds through the legal process." 


TfL unveils congestion and chaos map


TfL have produced a website showing likely congestion hotspots during the Olympics.

Meanwhile a Mr Ouch writes...

These posters have appeared near my home in Bolton – 200 miles from London!

It looks like Londoners and visitors alike will need a healthy dose of the Blitz spirit during the days of chaos to come.

Perhaps better to ask: "Is your journey really necessary?".

UPDATE: Oh great joy!

There is a Get Ahead of the Games Twitter account: @GAOTG

Today it tweeted out these asinine missives:

"Brand new update: Our impact line tool shows impact on each tube line (busiest section, most affected, busiest dates)"

Impact line tool? WTF!

And this...

"New Feature: We now have a National Rail visualiser that shows you predicted busy periods during the Games"

National Rail visualiser? FFS!

Chaps, stop making up smartarse marketing terms for perfectly serviceable and well understood English words like 'congestion', 'delay' and 'map'.

That, or get a real job!

Pointless signs - Cross Country Reservations

This from the Cynic...

Several years after they were installed, the little LCD reservation screens on the Arriva XC HSTs are now finally working. 

Or rather, they are now all now displaying something. 

 The same helpful message in every case...

UPDATE: This from CU...

Not quite so pointless - these are seats that may be reserved by 'Ten Minute Reservation'.

Sit in one and someone could reserve it while you are warming the cushion for them!

Swiss show TOCs how to balance books

This from The Local, Switzerland's news in English...

A vast array of weird and wonderful items from the Swiss rail network's lost-and-found department is now on sale, including butt plugs, dildos and worn underwear.

That's quite enough Swiss lost property! Ed