Thursday, 11 February 2010

The dangers of white van man explained

Please watch this video carefully and see if you can spot the obvious safety failing (with a bowler tip to Motor Cycle News).

That's right.

The pillion rider failed to change his motorcycle helmet for a hard hat whilst on, or about, the railway.

Eurostar leaks report to friendly media

Looks like Bell Pottinger has been busy earning its fee.

Today's FT contains details, in advance of publication, of Chris Garnett's report into Eurostar's pre Christmas Chunnel debacle.

The rest of us mere mortals (and indeed those unhappy legions trapped below ground) will have to wait until tomorrow for its official publication.

One piece of good news.

The Pink 'Un confidently predicts "that senior resignations look unlikely".

Good news indeed for Eurostar chief executive and broom cupboard star, Richard Brown, who can stay in place and keep counting the money.

Shurley "...stay in place while inquiry recommendations are implemented." Ed?

UPDATE: This from Captain Deltic, via The Gruaniad...

"The central thing seems to be that the management didn't handle the incident very well. They seemed a bit vague about how the snow was going in.

"There wasn't the technical depth that I've seen at other organisations I've been to."