Monday, 29 September 2008

Lord Harris of Rail?

A quick update on our poll of polls asking "Who should replace Ruth Kelly?"

According to Railway Eye readers (see right) the top job should go to Rail editor Nigel Harris!

In this time of financial turmoil can there be a better occasion for Gordon to resurrect his "government of all the talents"?

Jury's out

Wolmar has written a Gruaniad comment piece on the Tories damascene conversion to high speed rail.

Read it here.

Mystic Wolmar is in the van of those who remain to be convinced...

Global village

Train spotter's French diary

"This was an American-designed, Canadian-built, British locomotive operating in France for a German company." Read more here.

The Fact Compiler suspects it wasn't a change of driver, more likely an SNCF sponsored work to rule.

Curse of Brown

So the Tories have come out in favour of a high speed line instead of a third runway at Heathrow.

Read the BBC piece here.

However, with Treasury finances going west as yet another bank bites the dust, The Fact Compiler fears that a new Government will be hard pressed to buy a cup of coffee let alone build a new railway.