Thursday, 7 March 2013

Celebration of InterCity & Freightliner on Monday!

This from the Campaign for Better Transport...

The CBT is hosting our first Back on Track: Beeching 50 Years On event at the Science Museum in London on Monday 11th March 2013 (sponsored by Network Rail and Abellio).

Join us for an evening with Michael Palin; former Transport Secretary Lord Adonis; our Vice President Lord Faulkner; David Higgins, Chief Executive of Network Rail; and Freightliner’s Director of Strategy, Lindsay Durham. 

The event, at the Museum's IMAX cinema, will include a panel discussion reflecting upon the national impacts of the Beeching Report and progress since 1963. 

Our speakers will also discuss the role of the railways now and in the future of transport in the UK.

Details from: 

There may be a £5 charge for attendance.

See you there. 

Scrap Metal Dealers Act nets first victim!

Oh dear.

The Soi Disant 'Veteran Observer' has apparently been allowed near the railway.

Alas, judging from this picture he has broke it!

Pay attention Brennan-Brown!

Take that lump of p-way out your pocket! The new Scrap Metal Dealers Act renders it almost worthless.

UPDATE: This from the late Sir Norman Hartwell...

Nice flares. 

UPDATE: This from the Soi Disant Veteran Observer himself...

I really am getting jolly tired of this.

I have asked politely, several times, for you to stop referring to me by the childish term 'soi disant' etc...

It is neither big, nor clever!

Rather than replying in person to my emails you think it witty to publish them in truncated... 
(Sadly, owing to pressure of space, we are unable to publish the rest of this email from the Soi Disant Veteran Observer. Ed)

Update: This from an Railway Hack...

I also attending today's visit to Hatfield/Stainforth.

Eye readers may find these images more illuminating...

For what it is worth, it scared the living $h!t out of me. 

Pointless signs - Liverpool Street (LUL)

This from the Ward Room...


Stanstead, near Long Melford in Suffolk? 

Surely not!

New Steam operator enters market

Exciting news for fans of kettles!

Devon and Cornwall Railway have operated their first steam train on the national network and completely failed to get the railway on fire!

Eye understands that despite desperate last minute interventions from others, the move went smoothly and the railway remained intact.

And a jolly good thing too, what ho?