Thursday, 5 May 2011

Jennifer's Dairy - Mr Towell's train

Jennifer writes (with apologies to the Tatler and H&Q)...

The NRM arranged an excursion train on the 5th May for a Mr Raymond 'Ray' Towell, a long time servant of the railway.

Mr Towell retired on the 28th April from his most recent incarnation, at the National Railway Museum, where he provided 25 years service.

Renowned charter operator West Coast Railways laid on a special Pullman luncheon train for Mr Towell and his friends, hauled by two class 37s, which toured the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Amongst the guests were NRM supremo Steve Davies and RAIL editor Nigel Harris (pictured) who helped 'Ray' to mark the occasion in some style.

Mr Towell said 'I'll be back, Matey!".


Mansfield Grauniad lives up to its reputation

Thank God the Grauniad isn't a paper of record!

This from the galley slaves in King's Place (oddly enough also the home of Network Rail)...

"190 moments that made the Guardian"?

Best make that 191!