Wednesday, 19 November 2008

70% listen on the wireless

Railway Eye surveys continue to confound the so called experts and the industry chatterati.

Last week readers were invited to express their views on the recent redesign of Railways Illustrated; a subject which has excited much debate on other internet fora.

Unsurprisingly, it emerges that this debate was entirely spurious, as a massive 70% of you usually listen to Railways Illustrated on the wireless.

For those of you who haven't yet had the opportunity to hear the mag over the airwaves here is a taster of the latest issue:

A splendid result for Pip and his team.

Divergence of opinion

A reader has kindly sent in these images of the Loram rail grinder in action at Crewe on the 11th November.

Perhaps an occasion for grinding of teeth rather than rails?

Timing 2

Just a week ago National Express alerted the media to an exciting "cook off" for the coveted title 'Chef of the Year'.

The press release burbled "The winners and runners-up from both (NXEC) heats are now preparing for the final cook off, where they will join the winning chef from National Express East Anglia".

Alas, yesterday's announcement of swinging redundancies also saw NEG admit that its East Anglia franchise is "proposing to remove the restaurant service, and improve our buffet and at-seat service".

With restaurant cars in East Anglia on the way out The Fact Compiler fears that the souffles of the NXEA chef may not rise to the occasion.


Yesterday NEG announced swinging redundancies at it's East Anglia TOC.

Time for the struggling owner group to keep its head down some might say.

Fortunately not a view shared by NEG's brave PR monkeys, who decided to proceed with last nights special sponsored run of A1 Tornado, which saw the National Express logo emblazoned on the kettle's tender!

A sight surely designed to gladden the heart of those facing the dole queue.

Harumph, snorts our man at 222 Marylebone Road!

"From where in National Express did the outburst of Kettle Mania come from that saw the company's logos plastered on the £3million carnot cycle prototype?"

Perhaps from the very top?