Monday, 14 September 2009

Speculate to accumulate

Good news from Landor!

An invitation to an event called 'Getting Best Value from Transport Projects' thuds into the inbox.

As the blurb sagely points out:

The economic downturn will result in a reduction in the total amount of money available for the delivery of public sector services. This will impact on the structure and delivery of transport service.


And what better way to get best value for the cash strapped taxpayer than by spending £295 to attend a conference...

Network Rail explores new Midlands freight route

Much excitement this week along the abandoned section of the former Midland route from Derby to Manchester.

Chaps with theodolites and other ephemera are to be seen examining the old formation between Matlock and Blackwall Mill.

After several unsuccessful attempts to create a business case for reopening the line to passenger traffic (the last by Derbyshire County Council in 2004) it is now Network Rail's turn to have a go.

The new study, undertaken by Laser Rail, will examine whether the route might be suitable for a new W12 gauge freight line; relieving pressure on the overcrowded West Coast Main Line without forcing traffic onto the increasingly busy ECML.

Presumably the quarries at the Buxton end would also welcome a direct route to markets in the South.

Of course this is not such good news for Peak Rail, who are now finding it difficult to get their long promised access to Matlock's currently abandoned platform 2...

UPDATE: This from a Mr Selwood...

Shome mishtake shurely!

Ephemera: something transitory or of no lasting significance

Presumably you mean impedimenta?

The Fact Compiler stands corrected, unless of course this study goes the way of all the rest and is of no lasting significance...

RMT opinion poll shocker

According to an ICM poll for the RMT, 70% of the population want to see a return to state control of the railways.

General secretary Bob Crow said: "This poll shows that the Government are miles out of step with voters."

Bob went on to observe that the Bishop of Rome is Catholic and that bears have been known to relieve themselves in woods.

No shit sherlock.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Saltaire...

Interesting that on the same day the New Zealand Transport Minister is begging someone to take their railway off their hands.

Sadiq says...

Via Twitter...

Parents relieved schools back as children now out of hair...

Presumably bald children will be mandatory under the Governments new Parent Licensing regulations.

Brown bounces back

This from the Gruaniad...

Mike Brown, chief operating officer at Heathrow, will return to LU as managing director a year after he quit as chief operating officer of the organisation to join airports operator BAA, which owns Heathrow.

As one old LU hand put it "better the monster we know..."