Wednesday, 22 April 2009

TOCs shaft Andrew's big idea

Despite depressing headlines about greedy TOCs increasing fares by 11% it's good to know that the All Line Rail Rover still offers good value for money.

Indeed, on his recent rail odyssey Lord Adonis felt moved to write:

"As for cost, I am expecting to do the whole trip, standard class, for £375... using a seven-day 'all-line rail rover'. This is a ticket no one seems to have heard of, perhaps because it is so poorly advertised."

Poorly advertised it may have been, but after all the media coverage surrounding Adonis' trip the All Line Rail Rover is better known now than ever.

So what better time for ATOC to increase the Rovers price by a massive 14.5% !

From 17th May the 7 day version of the All Line Rover will increase from £375 to an eye-watering £430.00!

And you can forget taking Adonis up on his idea of buying one so the kids can "get to know their own country". The childrens version goes up by whopping £39, from £245 to £284!

What a splendid way to take the wind straight out of the Transport Minister's sails!

Let the Eye be first to congratulate ATOC's new team for mastering their brief so quickly.

London TravelWatch struggles to make its point

London's travel watchdog has accused TfL and DafT of conniving in a shadowy 'backroom' deal.

In a badly written press release Sharon Grant, Chairwoman of London TravelWatch, said:
We are appalled that when the go-ahead for the second phase of the East London Line extension was announced, no mention was made that passengers would be losing out in this way and that undertakings previously given were being abandoned. It is nothing short of deceitful: deliberately not telling the public is 'spin’ at its worst.

At this point The Fact Compiler lost the will to live.

But if you travel to Victoria from Denmark Hill, Camberwell, Clapham, Wandsworth Road and East Dulwich you may still be interested so have a look yourself.

Meanwhile the Eye recommends that London TravelWatch invests in a course on press release writing.

UPDATE: Transport Briefing explains

Faith, tradition and reason

Old Mother Damnable has spoken!

"This Synod urges Her Majesty's Government ... to sustain employment opportunities, further environmental targets and strengthen future economic and social development by implementing the planning and development of a high-speed rail line from London to the North-West and Scotland".

The Fact Compiler cannot put it better than Lord Adonis himself:

"Now that the high-speed line has Divine sanction, nothing can stand in its way."

OFFICIAL: Hitachi out of Thameslink

As predicted by the Eye yesterday, Hitachi have thrown in the towel on bidding for the 1,200 new Thameslink vehicles.

This from their press release:

Hitachi Europe Rail Group today confirmed that it will not progress in bidding for the provision of new trains for the Thameslink service. By doing so, the company is able to continue its focus on current and future commitments.

Remember, you heard it here first!