Thursday, 29 January 2009

Fiends of the NRM

Son of York and railway robber baron George Hudson would be tickled pink.

Moir Lockhead and Richard Bowker have been appointed Vice Presidents of the Friends of the National Railway Museum!

Lockhead, it will be remembered, is famous for misplacing anyone who actually knows how to run a railway.

Meanwhile, Bowker presides over a franchise that appears utterly determined to reduce NRM visitor numbers - by gating the £500k footbridge that the great man himself opened a mere five years ago!

If this is the calibre of the NRM's friends then the Eye hopes it has few enemies!

Down the tubes

***1,000 jobs to go at London Underground and TfL***

Movers and schenkers

***Former LU & EWS man, Patrick Butcher, to be NR's new Director of Finance***