Monday, 16 February 2009

No tongues

***It seems appropriate that this nonsense (shurely witty idea. Ed) comes from Virgin***


This from Trailer Second...

Bet on railwayana, not banks

In a week when Lloyds Bank shares went through the floor, punters were backing railwayana futures at Virgin Trains nameplate auction at Waterloo station on Saturday.

Voyager and other modern traction plates auctioned in aid of the Railway Benevolent Fund fetched what the organisers reckon were "astonishing" prices.

Class 86 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh went for £4,700.

Even the most modest Voyager names went for £500-plus, with Super Voyager "Doctor Who" exceeding £2,000, as £106,000 was raised by Virgin for the charity.

"Amazing prices," said one insider connected with the auction. "Many of these nameplates hadn't been on the trains for more than five minutes."

Well done, Virgin PR boss Steve Knight, whose idea it was.

Maybe he should be advising the Treasury?