Sunday, 28 September 2008

Open Access

The Spectator Parliamentarian Awards are “the Oscars of Westminster, the Booker Prize of our lawmakers, the Blankety Blank cheque book and pen of the political cosa nostra.

This year the Speccie has introduced a new award category: "Readers' Representative".

The on-line blurb describes the award as follows:

"For the first time, a new Reader's Representative Award is being presented. The nominations for it will come from you, the readers. All you have to do is scroll downwards and - in no more than 250 words - nominate your choice. The person can be of any party you want, a frontbencher or a backbencher and you can nominate them for whatever reason you want. The sole criteria are that the candidate has pursued the noble art of politics in what they believed to be the public interest."

Tom 'Blogger' Harris and The Fact Compiler do not always see eye to Railway Eye!

That said we hope that 'Open Access Tom
' receives some recognition for having "pursued the noble art of politics... in what he believes to be the public interest".