Monday, 25 January 2010

So farewell Tube Lines - sister to Metrodebt

The Devil's Lantern appears much exercised by the Tube in Turmoil.

Eye is surprised that the Metropolitan media hadn't seen this coming.

To lose one Chief Exec to unfunded Crossrail, might be considered a misfortune.

To lose a second within weeks... to National Express!!!, looks like carelessness.

In the words of ITV's Simon Harris "Still the signals don't work."

HS2 - Old fart breaks wind

According to Professional Engineering Magazine...

Tory heavyweight Lord Heseltine has cast doubt on the railway industry’s ability to come up with the best route for a new high speed network in the UK.

Not guilty My Lord.

This one is entirely down to the Civil Serpents - in particular HS2 Chairman and former Permanent Secretary, Sir David Rowlands.