Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The McMafia speaks

Scottish Tory Boy: Is it Tom Harris' time?

Publish and be damned

Telegrammed by Barry Spotter
The Times online reports that a Eurostar service came to a stand in the Chunnel this morning.

Keen to make a mountain out of a molehill the electronic rag opined:

"The incident is likely to cause passengers further misgivings about travelling to France via the Channel Tunnel."

Well possibly, but only because The Times has suggested it!

Tom on Ruth

A nice valedictory from Tom Harris to his soon to be erstwhile boss

Read it here.

The Fact Compiler wonders what the reshuffle holds for Harris.

Perhaps SofS for Transport?

More likely the blogging minister will be tasked with disbursing the £700 that Gordon has promised to each family so their kiddies can get on-line.

Should generate a few more readers for Tom allowing him to sell advertising on his blog a la Guido.


With the industry desperately hoping for a tangible commitment to electrification and additional capacity what did the Secretary of State actually have to say for herself this morning?

"So Labour will develop options for a rolling programme of electrification of our railways - potentially the largest programme of electrification in our history. I have asked Network Rail to consider the case for new lines if passenger numbers continue to grow in the future.

"And if we need new lines, of course we should be asking whether they should be high speed. We all know that in the current climate, with high food and fuel prices, getting good value for money is more important than ever.

So the promise of jam tomorrow but no 'bread'!

Runes misread

Telegrammed by Arrow Head
Be careful what you wish for.

The Apostle of the Pantograph did indeed slip in something radical, just not what was hoped for!

Mystic Wolmar can rest easy, for now.

Kelly to go

***Secretary of State for Transport Ruth Kelly has announced her intention to leave the cabinet. Reshuffle expected within a month.***


Railway Garden #12

Queenstown Road triffids rule!

Self evidently the "Do Not Alight Here" sign is cheaper than a man with clippers.

Does anyone on the Southern care anymore?