Sunday, 25 January 2009

Official - Great Western is... a railway

***Good news for those who want to see the wires go up."

Portion working

The Fact Compiler has received the following amusing anecdote from a reader:

En route to Wirksworth a colleague catches an EMT service from Luton. Being late in the day, he seeks refreshment from the buffet. On offer is "Soup and a baguette".

Passenger: "Soup please".

Steward: "Sorry sir, we can't sell you the soup this evening"

Passenger: "Why not?"

Steward: "We're out of baguettes."

The Fact Compiler doesn't know whether to compliment EMT staff on their honesty or cry.

Obama says...

Now this is how Network Rail should select Public Members

Teresa Villiers - get on down !

Spotting tomorrow's Executives

Driver Potter knows which side his bread is buttered on!

His latest post offers some splendid shots of 3417 on the main with 73109 "in assistance".

Reproduced below is the YouTube clip of the sparks monster in operation.

Notice how Driver Potter allows a PA announcement, giving the SWT website address, to set the scene.

A management role beckons we feel!