Thursday, 15 November 2012

Whitehall unveils new interwebby

This from Henry Trumpet...

A big welcome to Whitehall's brand spanking new interwebby - just gone live today!

A single Whitehall website in which the DfT is the first enlightened member to join, along with Pickles' DCLG (only 22 more Departments to follow!).

Click on the link and then click to go to the new “gov/dft” site to find a beggar's muddle of DfT-DCLG info (Eye thought DafT was cosying up to BIS? Ed).

And what is the headline story on this exciting new window into the non micro-managing department?

Additional 'Santa Specials' from that nice man Stormin' Norman!

Make it up you could not.

Britain's Best Bridge Bashes - from the archives

These from Prester John...

These are my favourite, because of the advertising on buses...