Monday, 10 December 2012

Now that's what I call a Santa Special!

This from Deutsche Bahn, with a bowler tip to @JohnMurray1960...

Ho ho ho!

Bid teams beefed up for franchising restart

This from Arriva's HR director...

Senior management changes within Arriva Trains Wales

We are pleased to announce that Arriva Trains Wales’ Managing Director Tim Bell has been appointed to a new role within the Trains Division of ‘Managing Director Franchise Bidding’.
Tim will assume this position from Monday 10 December 2012 and will be based in London.

The Bid Team face a challenging and exciting period over the next 12 months and Tim will give added focus to Arriva’s ambitious programme for growth.

This is initially a 12 month secondment for Tim from his role at Arriva Trains Wales.

In the immediate interim, Ian Bullock, Arriva Trains Wales’ Customer Services Director, will replace Tim as Managing Director while the secondment opportunity at Arriva Trains Wales is advertised within the Group.

I am sure you will offer your full support to Tim and Ian going forward.

- ENDS -

The case of the missing numbers

Telegrammed from 221b Baker Street
I say, Holmes,  this report by Mr Samuel Baker on the strange case of the Intercity West Coast franchise is a deuced three pipe read if ever I saw one.

Indeed so, Watson, but since I observe that you have reached page 29 I am sure you will have noted the significance of the different Subordinated Loan Facilities required of messrs Virgin and First Group.

But Holmes, all the figures for First Group have been redacted!

That, my dear old friend Watson, is the significance.