Friday, 13 December 2013

A brolly poor show at Nottingham!

This from the Wicked Weaver...


In less than an hour this afternoon, trains to Matlock, Leeds, Norwich, Skegness and Lincoln, all departed from unsheltered platform space.

Silly Victorians! 

Why on earth would passengers want canopies?

All change at NR?

The Fact Compiler's latest encomium published in Passenger Transport on the 6th December...

The next edition of Passenger Transport is published on the 20th December.

UPDATE: This from a Pedant just North of Purley...

Just before you start crowing over Eye's mystic powers to determine what the ONS would actually say...

I am sure I cannot be the first to draw attention to the homophonic error in para 3 of your reproduced item from Passenger Transport.
If only anyone associated with government were of principle. 
I am sure he is only a principal accounting officer.

Number crunching - Beardie Rail

Compare and contrast...

80% - the decline in Virgin Rail profits due to the ICWC shambles

90% - the Stagecoach share in the new joint venture with Virgin bidding for ICEC